Beer or coffee for life!

A quick overview of the fine-ish print

  • This first emergency phase of the A-Bär-itif – Beer or coffee for life crowdfunding campaign runs from May 9 to 23, 2020.
  • The aim of this urgent campaign is to raise, within the space of two short weeks, the first CHF 75,000 of the CHF 275,000 we will need to raise over the long term.
  • If the campaign’s objective of 75,000 Fr., or an amount deemed sufficient by Dive Bär’s founders, is reached by the end of the fundraising period, you will receive your very own Bär Key. In normal English: We need to raise 75,000 Fr. by May 23. If we do, life is good and you’ll receive your personal A-Bär-itif Bär Key.
  • If the fundraising objective, or an amount deemed sufficient by Dive Bär, is not reached by the stated deadline, Dive Bär may, at its sole discretion, put an end to the campaign. In the event that Dive Bär decides to put an end to the L’A-Bär-itif crowdfunding appeal, or if the appeal is clearly unsuccessful, all funds raised through this appeal will be refunded to contributors. Dive Bär shall not be held liable for any losses that may be incurred by the contributor as a direct or indirect result of the cancellation of the L’A-Bär-itif campaign by Dive Bär. In normal English, we need to raise 75,000 Fr. by May 23. If we don’t, we might call it quits and everyone who bought an A-Bär-itif will get their money back. But we might say “We got close enough, let’s do this!”, even if we don’t make it all the way to 75K.
  • Dive Bär will regularly post the progress being made in the campaign on its web site and Facebook page.
  • Your key will become valid the day the New Dive Bär opens its doors in Gland and will remain valid forever. Normal English: You won’t be able to use your key for free beer or coffee until we’ve actually opened for business, but once we do, you can stop by any time you like. May 9 addendum: You may claim your free beverage (beer or coffee) only during our opening hours and days. This statement serves to clarify that the benefit created by this offer can be enjoyed only once per visit, per day that Dive Bär is open. The Bär Key may only be used once per day, regardless of the number of visits you may make that day.
  • The Bär Key and the reward it bestows on its rightful holder is non-transferable, non-cumulable and has no cash value. In normal language, this means that the key is yours and yours only; you can’t lend or give it to someone else and if you don’t use a benefit (a free drink) one day, it doesn’t get saved up for another day.
  • No purchase necessary as a condition to redeeming the daily beer or coffee beverage. In normal English: You can come in, have a drink and head home with a smile on your face; you’re under no obligation to order anything else. But purchases are welcome and appreciated and besides, what better to go with great beer or coffee than great food?
  • Valid for one (1) glass of beer on tap (250 ml of regular beer, 150 ml of strong beer (>7% ABV), availability permitting) or one (1) regular-sized coffee beverage, each day, for you and a guest. You must present your Bär Key when ordering. The Bär Key may be used only one (1) time per day. Both your beverage and your friend’s beverage must be ordered at the same time. Valid exclusively for beer or coffee consumed on-site; no takeaways. In normal English: Actually, that was pretty normal. But it basically means that you can come in any day you like for the rest of your life, with or without a friend, and enjoy one free drink each, as long as you drink them on site. In other words, we won’t give you a bottled beer to take home.
  • In the event of bankruptcy, all benefits shall cease being redeemable. Dive Bär will thereafter not be held liable for any loss, perceived or actual, that results from the cessation of benefits. In normal English: If Dive Bär goes belly up, well, all bets are off. We don’t want that to happen, but if it does, you will no longer be able to claim your A-Bär-itif benefits, i.e. no more free drinks. And that will be sad, because we want you to have them. Thanks for understanding.
  • If all goes as planned, the New Dive Bär Craft Brewery will open on September 15, 2020. Dive Bär will not be held responsible for any losses that may be incurred in the event of a delay in opening. Bär Key holders will be notified of any such delays, if possible. In normal English: We’re aiming for a September 15 opening, but that’s a Tuesday, and stuff happens (remember Covid-19?), so we may end up adjusting or delaying the opening day. If we don’t end up opening on September 15, please don’t sue us. But we will try to let you know so you don’t show up and find a backhoe in front of the entrance.

These conditions are just a summary and are in no way definitive. It’s very likely that our lawyer is going to get angry at us and insist on drafting a ten-page legal document that covers all of the above and more. We will make that legal document available to all, either online or through some other means, and will do everything we can to ensure that the intended benefits of this amazing relationship are honoured.