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  • HALFWIT – WITBIER (4.5%) – Keg

    CHF 168.00

    HALFWIT, our (in)famous witbier (Belgian-style wheat beer), is made with barley and wheat malts. It’s ultra-refreshing and boasts fruity banana aromas and the kind of flavours you’ve come to expect from really good Belgian beers.

    Nommée « en l’honneur » de l’ancien soit-disant président des États-Unis, cette bière était censée être brassée que pour un temps très limité seulement, soit pendant sa présidence. Mais dû à la demande populaire, la Halfwit, comme son homonyme, est de retour. En fait, elle n’est vraiment jamais partie.

    halfwit, n.c. : idiot, insensé, personne stupide

    Alc. vol. 5.0% – Fût de 20 litres

  • LA BELGE PHOENIX (5.3%) – Keg

    CHF 168.00

    Back from beyond, La Belge Phoenix is a new incarnation of our first Belgian-style amber ale – fruity aromas, pleasing mouthfeel.

    Well balanced with a minutely sweet finish.

    Alc. vol. 5.5% – 20-litre keg.

  • PALO ALTO – CALIFORNIA COMMON (6.9%) – 33 cl Bottle

    CHF 5.60

    This California Common is technically a low-fermenting lager, but it’s fermented as a high-fermented ale, which teases out subtle yet wonderful citrus aromas and malty and caramel notes, delivering a refreshing brew that even the most die-hard industrial lager lovers will flip over. The most common feedback we get about this beer: “Wow.”

  • ABRUTI – BRUT IPA (4.6%) – 33 cl bottle

    CHF 5.60

    This Brut IPA offers all the complex aromas of a classic Dive Bär IPA, but with very little bitterness. Guava and grapefruit aromas with a tiny touch of tartness.

  • PRIVATE IPA – AMERICAN IPA (5.3%) – 33 cl bottle

    CHF 5.60

    Frankfurt International Trophy award-winning India pale ale (IPA) offering generous tropical fruit aromas and just the right amount of bitterness, with a well-balanced, hoppy finish.

    Alc.vol. 5.3% – 33 cl bottle

  • Théâtr’Ale – Cultural Pale Ale (5.4%) – 33 cl bottle

    CHF 5.60

    Specially and exclusively brewed for Gland’s Théâtre de Grand Champ, this lovely beer is slightly bitter with a hint of chocolate and caramel, a dry finish and herby, hoppy character with citrus notes.