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Crowdfunding campaign 2.0

In April 2022, we launched a crowdfunding campaign on YesWeFarm. Sleek video made in house, a great story to tell, great rewards to be had… What could go wrong? Apparently, everything! We spread news of our campaign through emailings and on every conceivable social media. People shared, people liked, people gave us the thumbs up and hugs! But other than some longtime fans, friends and family members, people didn’t donate. And that is rather the point of a crowdfunding campaign!

Rather than give up on the idea, we’re moving our crowdfunding efforts to our Bär Shop. No deadline, no percentage going to the crowdfunding site.

However, since our payment processor doesn’t accept crowdfunding-related payments, we kindly ask you to drop us a line at our info@ email address so we can send you our bank data so you can transfer your donation directly to our bank account. 

Your generosity will translate into concrete results: every franc you donate will go straight to helping us make Dive Bär even better, and you’ll still receive a consideration as our way of saying “Thanks! We appreciate you!”

You can have a look at the different crowdfunding options here. And don’t believe what you read: we are NOT out of stock of these items!