Our legend

Behind every legendary beer is a great legend.

Where does Dive Bär come from?

The Dive Bär legend 

Once upon a time, a very patient bear with a great fondness for food sat at the edge of a cold stream waiting for his favourite fish. At last, something sparkled at the bottom of the stream, so without giving it a second thought, he dived in. But instead of his favourite fish, what he found in the deep, chilly water was thousands of bottles of sparkling ales.

Disappointed not to have found any fish, the bear needed to resurface for air. But suddenly, a soft and reassuring voice caught his attention and suggested that he open one of the bottles. “Taste what’s inside and everything you might ever need will be yours.” Always a curious bear, he took one and after savouring its fizzy content, his senses awakened as never before.

What a delight! What a marvel! He smacked his lips.

The voice then said to him: “Return to the land or stay here among these wonderful beers, the choice is yours. But know that if you stay, you will be transformed forever and can never return to your ordinary bear life.

Despite his love for the forest and the wide open spaces, the bear knew that he could not do without these delicious beers. He chose to stay and was transformed into Dive Bär, whose legend has just been recounted.

From 20 liters to 200 liters

The beginnings of Dive Bär

Founded in January 2016, Dive Bär craft brewery is the story of two beer fans from North America—Unitedstatesian Jonathon Klassen and Canadian David Shotlander—who met in Switzerland.

From their beer-brewing beginnings in Jon’s kitchen, they moved operations to a nearby garage and then to their last brewery on Rue de la Combe in Gland. Today, their sights are set on the future and that future is looking brite

200 liters to infinity… Not quite


Today, Jon and David are sharing their passion with craft beer fans from near and far. Located right at the train station in Gland, Dive Bär prefers a local approach by fostering partnerships with local producers. They build strong relationships with local residents and participate in the Gland Weekly Market (every Wednesday during the summer months, from 4 to 8 pm).

In May 2023, Dive Bär Craft Brewery & Taproom opened its doors for on-the-spot enjoyment of hand-crafted beers and good food, all served up in a warm and family-friendly atmosphere.


Dive Bär is born


Litres of beer brewed to date


Different beers brewed so far


Taps at Dive Bär Craft Brewery & Taproom

The Dive Bär Crew

Two brewers, one dream

The origin of the best craft breweries: two enthusiasts, one kitchen, no limits.

Jonathon Klassen
Brewer and “Numbers guy”
David Shotlander
Brewer and “Marketing Guy”
From 2016 to today


From a kitchen experience to a beloved brand.

August 2022

Scheduled opening

Dive Bär Gland Gare Sud will finally open its doors.

August 2022

A first gold medal

Dive Bär won its first gold medal at the Frankfurt International Trophy for its “Private IPA” in the American IPA category.


Establishment of Dive Bär AG

In order to take Dive Bär to the next level, founders David and Jon transform Dive Bär into a corporation to allow members of the public to hold a stake in the company.


“Goodbye!” to the plan to take over the former Chez Paolo premises

The pandemic made the time not right for an expansion on this site. With sadness, we leave this dream location… and go in search of a new site elsewhere!


Winner of the New Economy Prize

The City of Gland awards the New Economy Prize to Dive Bär for its new kind of brewery project.


Constitution of Dive Bär Ltd

Proof that we are serious about brewing great beers.


Creation of Dive Bär

Establishment of Dive Bär – precisely 500 years after the establishment of the Reinheitsgebot, the German Beer Purity Law of 1516. Coincidence? Perhaps not.